The development of Grounded Systems Modelling was motivated by the need to combine both hard and soft systems thinking in order to mitigate risk of failure in large complex engineering projects; for example, many examples of large government IT project failures, the problems in the construction industry that provided the motivation behind the Egan report. Grounded Systems Modelling is a way of integrating the investigative approach of Grounded Theory with System Dynamics that firmly links the modelling process to the people within the system under study leading to the following benefits:

  • Better decision making through the use of auditable, client-owned models of complex dynamic systems
  • Risk mitigation by exploring ‘what if’ scenarios, trade-offs, and potential unintended consequences of actions using simulation
  • Improved change management programmes, project selection and planning processes as a consequence of insight gained through system modelling

Grounded Systems Ltd was founded by Mike Yearworth in 2008.

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